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The thing about this domain is that you have no idea what you are doing. You just keep going until something happens!

It is undeniable that Twitch became too big to ignore. With Twitch stars like Pokimane, xQc, Hasan, and Ninja constantly appearing in other industries as well as collaborating with corporations, everyone has become aware of Twitch and streaming.

While the top 1% of these streamers are located in the United States (mostly Texas for tax reasons) and make millions of dollars through Twitch and advertisements, it seems like there is a streamer for each country in the world.

Morocco is no different with thousands of personalities streaming themselves playing video games or talking to chat. I wanted to know the experience of Moroccan streamers and find out if they are making enough profit to find their career as well as understand how can someone start streaming.

So I interviewed MomokoHyHy, a lovely person who is well-known in the Moroccan gaming space and has put Morocco in the spotlight for streaming. 

Introduce Yourself

Moroccan Streamer Momoko

Meet Momoko, a Moroccan streamer, Riot Games partner, Esports talent, content creator, cosplayer, and pharmaceutical student who is actively encouraging and popularizing the Mena gaming and streaming scene.

She is a creative creator who has been streaming for the past 4 years and showcasing the world her different hobbies that include team sports, drawing singing, video games, and anime.

What Does Momoko Mean?

I loved this childhood anime called Ojamajo Doremi, so when I made my Facebook account to play games, I called it Momoko HyHy.

Is Momoko an Online Persona or Your Real Self?

Momoko is a part of me, not the entirety of myself. I used to be open about my life but I learned the hard way to keep some aspects of myself private.

How Did Momoko Start?

Moroccan Streamer Momoko Valorant Cosplay

Momoko grew up in a household where Her siblings used to play video games. She used to watch her brothers play and she would occasionally play games as well.

After falling down the rabbit hole of video games, she fell in love with their stories and gameplay. Soon enough, she owned different consoles like the Gameboy and Playstation that introduced her to beloved titles like Zelda, Street Fighter, and Crash Bandicoot which solidified her love for gaming even more.

Gaming aside, Momoko also showed interest in creative hobbies during different periods of her life (like cosplaying as a teenager) until she discovered streaming when she was 17 years old.

Back in 2015, my biggest inspiration for streaming was Kaypea. I used to love watching her play League of Legends and that passion drove me to stream the same game.

When she did start streaming in late 2019, Momoko only streamed for fun not thinking much of it.

Until 2019 when she started to consistently stream as she enjoyed it.

By 2020, she was dedicated to pursuing streaming seriously as she was passionate about it and saw potential in this field.

What Were The First Days Like? Were There any Difficulties?

During the early days of her streaming career, Momoko did not tell anyone that she used to stream. In her comfortable space, she streamed niche games without a face camera and just had fun.

However, when she decided to stream seriously, she faced a language issue. Momoko was unsure whether to stream in English or Moroccan Arabic dialect (Darija) as speaking one over the other can alienate her audience or stunt her growth. 

On top of that, her busy schedule as a pharmacy student made it difficult to remain consistent and maintain control over her streaming schedule.

Sometimes I would have very hard days and remind myself that I still have to stream even if I didn’t feel like it. Other times, I wanted to quit but then I remember how hard I worked to be where I am today.

What Inspires Your Work?

Momoko likes to keep an open approach to inspiration and creations. She likes to simply create and learn while she’s knee-deep in the process.

I mainly take inspiration from myself but I also share a huge passion and appreciation for Japanese culture… I keep an open mind to new things and I try to learn from everyone as each person is unique and has something to teach us in life!

Was it Difficult To Grow on Twitch?

As proven by other Twitch streamers as well as Momoko, growing on Twitch is a difficult task that only the top percentile of streamers reach. It was only when she received Twitch Affiliate status that Momoko started to think about becoming a Twitch Partner and putting more work and effort into growing.

Growing on Twitch is very difficult, it is much better to grow on other platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok then convert that audience to your stream.

Is Being a Full-Time Moroccan Twitch Streamer Enough to Fund That Career?

As I was asking this question, Momoko hastily answered with a strict no. She clarified that even though she has been streaming for 5 years and has Twitch Partner status, she doesn’t make enough to fund her life.

This isn’t just me, I know other full-time Moroccan streamers who struggle with making enough money to live as a full-time streamer. This only got worse when Twitch recently announced their pay cut.

To go on a tangent, I hypothesize that the lack of a tipping culture and shortage of advertisement buyers (low RPM) create a low revenue funnel for Moroccan streamers.

Simply put, there are not enough companies buying ad spots on Twitch for a Moroccan audience. Pair that with a minimal tipping culture and Moroccan streamers in turn make coffee money.

How Did You Manage to Balance Your Academic Career and Online Career?

Congratulations to Momoko for finishing her last exam! While she is busy writing her thesis at the time of writing this, she fondly remembers her experience of juggling streaming and studying.

Part of this memory includes her confessing that it was hard to balance the two, as she had to stop streaming for months on end to focus on her grades.

I had a destructive cycle that harmed my growth. I used to continuously stream which lead to growth. However, I would quit for a few months and then lose all my progress, so I had to start all over again.  

I learned that you need to be willing to sacrifice things to make your priorities work. Especially with streaming where people think it’s easy and anyone can do it; In reality, it’s gonna take hard work to reach your goals, just like everything in life.

Do You Consider Yourself Successful? If So, How Did You Realize It?

Humbly downsizing her success, Momoko stated that even if she was the most successful person on earth, she would never say that she made it. She is a perfectionist at heart and she knows that she can do much better.

What Do You Think About the State of Esports in Morocco?

Sharing the same opinion as Nawfal Dinari from Fox Gaming Esports, Momoko believes that the Moroccan Esports scene is growing at a slow pace that leaves much to be desired.

Although there is a noticeable difference from two years ago (like government support and company sponsorships) the lack of encouragement, support, and tournaments is alarmingly low.

I would say that when Riot Games started to show interest in the Mena region, a lot of companies were encouraged to join in too… I’m optimistic about Esports in Morocco.

What Are Some Tips You Can Share with Small Streamers?

Momoko’s main advice on Twitch growth is to be consistent and active on every social media platform. Make a Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram account where you post highlight clips or funny moments from your stream, then encourage people to come watch you live. 

She also warned that if you are doing Twitch for the money or want to make streaming a full-time job then you will be left unsatisfied. You have to do it for fun since you’re not gonna make money out of it (at least the first few years).

What Is It Like to Partner With Riot Games?

Moroccan Streamer Momoko Riot Valorant Tournament

For those unaware, Momoko is a partner for Riot Games Mena, where she often interviews players pre & post-game. At the time of interviewing, she just came back from Turkey, where she attended the Valorant champions tournament. 

It’s a really cool experience. I never thought I would ever work with Riot Games in my life, it is simply amazing.

Why is There a Lack of Women’s Presence in Gaming?

The way women are raised in Moroccan culture does not allow or encourage them to play video games since it is perceived as a “boy” thing to do. Luckily she was raised in a household that allowed her to access gaming and she wants other women to join in as well.

On top of Momoko’s encouragement to create more female participation in the gaming space, there are also global efforts from companies and organizers to stop sexism and make video games a safe place for everyone.

It will take time to see women involved in gaming but hopefully, we can reach a point where women’s league is a common thing.

What is Division?

Momoko Divison Mena

Division is a platform where Mena gamers, teams, and streamers can connect with brands and companies for sponsorships and work opportunities. Momoko is an Ambassador with Division and she encourages everyone to make an account and showcase their talents on the platform

What is Your Latest Obsession?

BREAKING BAD! I am rewatching Breaking Bad for the second time and I just can’t get enough. Everyone needs to watch this show.

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