About Me

The Industries And Projects I Can Write About

You are correct if you think this section looks similar to the other part on the homepage. In case you missed it, do check out my homepage.

Chances are, You are here because you are interested in my services. As such, here are the topics and formats that I know how to write about:

  • Psychology: Self-Help, Philosophy, Personal Development.
  • Economy: Small Business, Financial Advice, Cryptocurrencies & NFTs, Economy, Stocks
  • Technology: Saas, Web Development, Software, Applications, DeFi, Hardware (PC Parts).
  • Entertainement: Video Games, Memes, Youtube, Music, Internet Culture.
  • Long-Form: Whitepapers, Analysis, E-Book & Story Writing, Essays.
  • Medium-Form: Articles, Features, Blog Posts, Interviews, Letters.
  • Short-Form: Social Media Posts, Slogans, One Liners, Quotes.
  • Web-Based: Website Content, Landing Page Copy, SEO, Keyword Research

All The Services That I Excel At

Content Writing

Everyone knows that SEO is the best way to achieve success for a website. As such, correct keyword usage allows you to become a popular option in your niche.

My content writing service uses all the proper keywords for your case, while ensuring that your blog is educational, entertaining, and engaging.

Copy Writing

3 seconds is all takes to leave an impression on people. Whether its social media or a landing page, the opening sentence can be the deciding factor of your success.

With my marketing experience and creativity, my copy writing service makes your business memorable and drives them to choose you over the competition.

Story Telling

Someone as impressive as you deserves an equally heroic story that tells all the hard work and struggles you sustained to reach where you are today.

Whether you are an individual or a brand, an impactful story helps you connect with your audience. So toss a coin to your writer to praise your personal brand.


Interviews serve as a great medium to migrate a figure’s or an influencer’s large loyal audience to your brand and share exclusive insight on these personalities.

Taught by my personal blog, I can interview any person and dig out their authentic answers. This service is perfect for events and collaborations.

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