How To Become a Moroccan Esports Player

An adventure is working at a job for years, only to realize you never enjoyed it at all.”

I have always been fascinated by Esports. The wild concept of getting paid to play video games sounds like a dream come true. And although things seem simple on the surface, a close inspection will show that Esport players struggle with multiple things like rigorous training, burnout, and performance-based compensation.

Nonetheless, being a gaming content writer and an epic gamer (Ironic I swear) has exposed me even further to this industry. So in true Lessons and Obsessions fashion, I set out to investigate the state of Moroccan Esports, how to become an Esports player, and whether it is a sustainable lifestyle.

Special thanks to Fox Gaming, one of Morocco’s top leading Esports teams, for conducting this interview!

Introduce Yourself

How To Become a Moroccan Esports Player Manager

Nawfal Dinari is a 29 years old, English literature major, audio-visual technician, and one of the founding members of Fox Gaming. He is a self-taught marketer and entrepreneur. More importantly, Nawfal is a shining example of what it means to have confidence in chasing your path and the reward that comes with it.

During the time of the scheduled interview, Nawfal was the content manager who ran Fox Gaming’s social media posts, as well as promoted their brand to the world. However, at the time you are reading this, he is the League of Legends team manager (congratulations!).

One of my first ever job was at an English call center. I did not enjoy the repeated tasks and boredom, so I knew that in the future I wouldn’t want to work for others.

How Did You Join Fox Gaming?

Nawfal met Fox Gaming’s founding members through League of Legends way back in 2017. This couple of amateur friends were large fans of E-sport tournaments and the game, so they set out to reach for the stars.

While their pursuit was a side project from 2017 to 2019, things quickly became serious once Nawfal decided to quit his safe job and pursue a full-time opportunity at Fox Gaming in late 2019.

I used to work at an airport where I was quickly promoted to good positions with amazing pay. It was a position that many would wish for, but i was bored out of my mind.

One day during work, I met an old lady who looked lost and alone. I helped her reach her gate and we got to talking since I had time to kill. She told me that she was an entrepreneur since she was 19 years old.

After we talked for hours, she gave me words of advice that drove me to chase my dreams. She said: “An adventure is working at a job for years, only to realize you never enjoyed it at all.”

However, when quitting a well-paying stable job for a wild video game career, Nawfal struggled to address his parents about it. Thankfully, his parents were supportive of his decision once they discovered that he was serious about it.

I used to be a lazy person who happily wasted his time and days. But now that I have a passion for something, I am working harder to create a difference in my life.

How Did Fox Gaming Start?

How To Become a Moroccan Esports Player Manager FoxGaming Roster

As mentioned before, Fox Gaming’s initial team began through common friendships on League of Legends. However, if we are talking about the official launch then we have to first talk about Amine Touzi.

Everything Fox Gaming is today wouldn’t have been possible without Fox Gaming’s owner, Amine Touzi. He sacrificed everything financially, mentally, emotionally, and professionally to grow his team and push the Moroccan Esports scene forward.

So on May 2020, Fox Gaming was officially formed to participate in tournaments and events with one goal on its mind: Become the best Moroccan team and win tournaments.

What Were some of The Obstacles Fox Gaming Suffered From When Starting?

Fox Gaming started off in a difficult position. Not only were they an Esports team who struggled to discover talent, they were also an agency that needed financial support amidst a global pandemic that negatively affected the economy.

Surprisingly, among (don’t say it) the two main issues, money wasn’t what worried them the most. In fact, Fox Gaming’s biggest issue was scouting players. For them, a worthy player isn’t just mechanically great, they need to be mentally strong and responsible enough to understand their duties and stakes.

Moroccan players are great but they lack professional experience and communication…Sure mechanical skills are impressive but that’s not enough, Mental fortitude is important as well. We want players who can perform under pressure and surpass their limits!

How Do You Decide on Recruiting Players?

Nawfal recommends that to become a desirable Esports player, you need to be talented and mentally strong. This is because Esports is a performance-based industry, meaning that consistent victories are the key to success.

When Fox Gaming opens up its recruitment process, promising applicants get the chance to play with its team. Based on this gameplay session along with feedback and data, they judge each prospect to recruit.

For lucky players who end up making it to the team, they join Fox Gaming’s academy roster, which is a group dedicated to raising talent and allowing them to thrive. Sometimes, members of the academy team end up playing in real tournaments with the official team mid-season.

How To Become a Moroccan Esports Player Manager Fox gaming achievement

While Fox Gaming was making a name for itself through repeated victories and championships locally, nothing made them blow up in popularity more than its participation in the MENA tournament.

Hosted by Riot Games, the LoL MENA tournament was an event that sparred the best teams of North Africa and the Middle East. After winning a series of games to represent Morocco in a series of preliminaries, Fox Gaming would go on a 15-win streak in the MENA tournament, landing in third place.

Reaching the official MENA tournament had a huge impact on Fox Gaming. When we were back home, popular media channels like WeLoveBuzz and 2M wanted to interview us. It helped spread awareness of our brand, as well as the potential of Moroccan Esports.

Is Esports Viewed Positively by Moroccan Companies and Investors?

According to Nawfal, the Esports scene continues to generate value for all parties involved. Although corporations and companies like Inwi, Orange, Coca-Cola, and CIH have held tournaments and sponsored teams, there is a long way to go for Morocco.

He believes that once local brands catch on to this scene (as proven by the interest in Europe, the United States, and Asia) companies will fork over large budgets for a spot in Esports tournaments and events.

I would say that gamers as a consumer profile spend a large period of their time inside where they install adblockers to avoid Advertisements as a whole. Becoming a sponsor in Esports allows you to insert your brand directly into the field and cast it in a positive light., thus tapping into this demographic.

The sincere trust relationship developed between players, streamers, and fans is simply too valuable for companies to miss out on.

What’s The Average Day of a Fox Gaming Team Member?

How To Become a Moroccan Esports Player Manager FoxGaming Roster

Fox Gaming sincerely values its member’s mental health, so the staff takes careful steps toward maintaining this aspect. Some of the way they do this is through an open schedule, after-work activities, short work days, regular therapist visits, and more.

Nawfal shared that a player’s shift starts from 13:00 to 19:00. During this time, players are expected to play the game while applying feedback from their coaches, improve their skills and capabilities, raise team synergy through group play, and climb the Elo ladder.

We make sure to have fun and keep things flexible. Since we live together in a training house, we like to chill and joke around […]Each person has something their own story and life outside of work, so we don’t want to forcefuly make Fox Gaming their entire life.

How Can a Moroccan Person Pursue a Career In Esports?

For Staff (Marketers, Designers, Administrators, etc)

Nawfal stated that creative talents who are interested in Esports and possess marketable skills can easily land a job in this field. Especially in Morocco, where the niche of a gaming Esports marketer, creator, or administrator is high in demand with no one to step up.

For Players

Speaking on behalf of Fox Gaming and Esports in general, our guest warned that becoming an esports player is not an easy task. Those who are interested should ask themselves what they are willing to lose (social life, money, etc), how well can they handle mental pressure, juggle life responsibilities, and be comfortable with playing a game way more than they are used to.

Once you believe that you are ready to give it everything, Nawfal recommends that you reach a high rank with solid stats for your role. A good rule of thumb is being at least Master+ (LoL) , Ascendant+ (Valorant), or other top 1% ranks in your preferred video game.

It is not only about playing well, you need to market yourself. What are you special at? What makes you different? What character do you play better than everyone else? {…} If you show your skills to the world, then opportunities naturally come to you.

For Coaches and Managers

When it comes to coaching, your rank doesn’t matter as much as your game knowledge. While a coach can be forgiven if they aren’t the top 1% of players, their game knowledge and communication should be impeccable. Start by showcasing your work to the world either through Twitch streams, VOD reviews, or game analysis to build enough credibility for your career.

What Do You Think About the Current State of Moroccan Esports?

It’s undeniable that the Moroccan Esports scene is certainly growing. With government interest (FRMJE), big brand sponsorships, and popular Moroccan gaming figures, Esports has made itself known to the country. However, there’s still a long way to go for Esports to reach its true potential.

As Fox Gaming, we have a responsibility to push Moroccan Esports forward. To do our part, we are organizing some secret projects that will try attempt to nurture young talent and raise awareness. Safe to say, there’s a lot of hard work to be done.

What is Your Latest Obsession?

I’ve been obsesed with this book i’m reading called: Change your thinking, change your life. It’s all about mindset and how everything we perceive is done through our brains, so we control how we view the world.

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