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Earn Coffee Money or Fuel Your Hobby With These Side Hustles

I am a firm believer that people should pursue more financial opportunities. A side hustle helps you both earn more income and feed your entrepreneurial mind. It also serves as a way to loosen the chains of capitalism and allows you to live more comfortably.

However, when I was first discovering the world of supplementary income, I realized that most articles give advice that is not applicable to Morocco. So in true Lessons and Obsessions fashion, I took off on a quest to gather knowledge about side hustles.

As such, I took some personal observations as well as questioned others to gather information for this post. Below should be a list of applicable examples that you can turn into a side hustle. Do keep in note that this shouldn’t be copied or pasted exactly but inspire and guide you on the correct path of making something uniquely yours.

Crypto and Forex

Moroccan Side hustles crypto

Trading assets, investing in coins, and betting on sports is the most common money-making scheme I see among folks my age. Although it takes some skill and risk management to get into, it can be gainfully profitable.

To get into cryptocurrency trading (despite the bearish market at the moment), I recommend having a CIH account and downloading Binance.

Binance is the world’s most popular crypto trading platform and the most used in Morocco. However, buying crypto directly in Morocco is illegal. You will need to use Binance P2P which requires ID verification (verified by Binance, totally safe) and a CIH account (most P2P traders use it).

Sports Betting

Similarly, 1xBet is a sports betting platform that accepts both card payments and crypto payments. Most people prefer crypto since it’s untraceable but the card option is fine as well. As for Forex, I have not yet interviewed anyone with enough knowledge so this field will remain empty until so.

The cheapest one to get into is COTE. You can start with as low as 5dh and work your way up. However, you are playing a losing game as this requires large football knowledge. Even if the odds are with you, the payout is only 5x-10x (Personally I made 70dh from a 5dh bet, shoutout to Nizar.)

If these fields are too difficult or complex, then you can pay a fee of around 200-500 MAD per month to join a trader’s group that tells you what to do. DANGER: most of these groups are just fluff and do not have any substantial evidence and claims for their investment choices. Do your own research and choose what you want.

Moroccan Side hustles sports

Overall: High risk, low-cost entry, medium to high reward. Requires skill and reliable trading advice.

Small Businesses

Small Business Morocco Side Hustle

There is no bigger joy than starting and growing your business. With the recent rise of small businesses and the trend of shopping local, a good small business can expect to see success.

To start an online business, you will need a product or service idea along with proper branding and packaging. Once that is done, you will promote your business on social media through advertisements and influencers.

I wrote a detailed article about starting a small business, feel free to read it for more about this subject.

Overall: Low to medium risk, medium cost entry, low to high reward depending on products.

Service Selling

Moroccan Side hustles service

Service selling is a great and free method of gaining a secondary income. If you have a skill or knowledge about a topic, then you can immediately sell your service. For example, some people sell a full PC installation along with cracked software while others do photography.

Chances are, if you are good at a skill then someone out there needs and that means a chance to earn money from it. My motto is that for every single thing you hate, there is someone who enjoys it. I love writing and the clients I work with hate making articles, so I do what they hate and make money from it.

You have more chances to get commissioned for your skills locally. However, that shouldn’t restrict you from going Mr.Worldwide and creating freelance accounts on Upwork, Fiverr, Mostaqil, Khamasat, and more.

Although freelance job boards are slow to start, it can be a passive thing that will occasionally land you a gig or two between months.

Fortunately, You can land more jobs by marketing yourself by making a portfolio and advertising your work on social media. Additionally, you can start by working for free just to gain enough field knowledge, build references for your work, and network.

Personally, I know a respectable amount of people who monetized their skills (Photography, 2D & 3D design, website development, etc) and earned a respectable amount of money from it.

Overall: Free entry, no risk, Reward depending on service. Takes time to learn skills and land jobs. 


Moroccan Side hustles tutoring

If you are proficient at a language or school subject then consider tutoring others on it. You can often find people tutoring groups of adults or kids on a certain language or subject in educational centers.

But this field can be hard to get into if you have no previous experience. I recommend working with family members and friends and then moving to host free classes or presentations.

Afterward, you can create listings and advertise them online or print out flyers and hang them around the city, the prior is more efficient. As for where to host your students, consider doing home lessons or group them in a study cafe (most common). 

Overall: free to low entry cost, minimal risk, medium to high reward depending on skill demand and proficiency. Needs certifications and reputation to prove your languages and skills.


Moroccan Side hustles tutoring

Personally, I don’t know anybody who does babysitting as a side hustle. However, I was recommended this gig by a dear friend and it made sense. She told me that there are people who babysit for friends and families for some money.

They can often group kids in the same setting to optimize work. But the hardest part about babysitting is finding parents who are willing to pay you. It requires a lot of trust and recommendations from others.

Additionally, you will also face competition from housemaids and nannies who do so for a living. So I would not recommend it as your main side hustle, but if it lands you some pocket money once in a while then have a shot at it.

Just like everything else on this list, network with others and market yourself. Utilize connections and social media to sell any type of service or product.

Overall: Free entry cost, low risk, low to medium reward. Hard to get clients, lots of competition.

Surveys and Trials

Moroccan Side hustles surveys

If you are new to the world of paid surveys and trials then let me explain. Essentially, you sign up to these types of websites and you receive surveys that you need to answer and you get paid for it. Similarly, some other websites require you to use an app or website (trials) and give feedback on your experience.

To be fully upfront about this side hustle, it pays minimally. For every survey or trial, you will receive $0.5 at most per survey that take 4-5 minutes. However, once you do this for 1-3 hours per day across months then you can earn a decent sum of coffee money.

Be warned that you will need a Paypal account. Moreover, these websites only allow you to cash out at a certain money threshold ($20-$50 at least). Furthermore, they also require you to answer honestly by adding trap questions that test if you are paying attention.

Nonetheless here is a list of decent survey websites that pay a respectful sum of money and work: Google Opinion Rewards, UserTesting, Prolific, Respondent, Survey Junkie, Usercrowd, TryMyUI…

Overall: Free entry cost, no risk, low reward. Time-consuming.

Transcription/Micro Project Tasks

Moroccan Side hustles transcription

Similar to surveys and trials, micro project websites allow you to do a certain task for some company for some money. These websites pay higher than survey platforms but require a bit more skill or training and thus need more qualifications.

I recommend this as a sustainable side hustle since the pay can actually impact your financial situation. Popular websites include MTurk, Roboson, Appen, Clickworker, Telus, Data Force, OneForma…

Overall: Free entry cost, no risk. Low risk, low to medium reward. Requires skill and certification, takes time to get hired for projects.

Digital Sellers

Moroccan Side hustles digital product

Another great method of earning passive income is selling digital products. On digital product websites, users can upload documents (photos, 3D models, articles…) and receive a commission (70-80%) every time it is sold. Alternatively, you can also sell your proper digital products like followers, Spotify and Netflix accounts, and game currencies or loot. 

Overall: Free to low entry cost, low risk. Requires digital products to create and sell.

Flipping Objects

Moroccan Side hustles flipping

Flipping something is the process of purchasing something and selling it at a profit. It’s a simple process that anyone can start but few can profit from. This field requires you to connect with the correct people and study market demands.

You can easily start by going to thrift shops, Facebook marketplace, or Avito and buy second-hand objects or brand-new products which you can resell for a profit afterward. 

Do keep in mind this will require lots of effort and connection on your part. So do not rely on it as a full side hustle. 

Overall: low to medium entry-cost, medium to high risk, medium to high reward. Needs connections and understanding of market demand.

Nude Sellers

Moroccan Side hustles nudes

Arguably the most controversial side hustle in this group and the most out-of-pocket. Yet despite your opinion on sex workers, it’s a valid and very profitable side hustle.

Whether it’s feet pictures or soft porn, there’s a large demand for pictures and videos of your body type. Now in honesty, this side hustle is mostly for women and gay people since these groups are the most fetishized by straight men. 

Nonetheless, I know you are wondering “isn’t sex work illegal in Morocco?” Well yes but also it can be worked on. To answer the big question, no there is no workaround OnlyFans at the moment (not until Paypal becomes accepted).

For Morocco, you will sell your nudes or soft porn through individuals. To get started, you will need a Reddit, Instagram, and Paypal account.

The best way to promote your work is by taking nudes or soft porn images of yourself (Most sex workers remain faceless for privacy reasons) and posting these pictures and videos on fetish subreddits (With a fetish that relates to the content, things like boobs, thighs, Middle eastern, lingerie, etc…) and an Instagram account.

Once there is enough demand from others, you can promote your custom work like naughty pictures, custom videos, or phone sex for a price paid through Paypal.

Just make sure you don’t end up in some Saudi poop-eating scheme. Personally, I think that if you can make money from sex work then go at it. Especially if it’s something as harmless as feet pics or bikini pictures.

WARNING: This side hustle will attract a lot of weird people and stalkers. Always ensure to hide your face, your name, and anything that can reveal your identity.

Overall: free entry, free cost. Medium to high reward. HIGH RISK. Requires promotion on Reddit and social media.

Company Driver (Glovo, Jumia Food, Indrive, Karim…)

Moroccan Side hustles delivery

The last side hustle for the moment is being a company driver for corporations like Glovo, Jumia Food, Indrive, and Karim. The reason I left it at the end is the commitment this takes.

To start working with these companies, you will need your proper vehicle (motorbike or car) and auto-entrepreneur status to receive payments. Their sign-up process is relatively easy as all you have to do is give them your information and wait for confirmation.

Once everything is approved, you will receive a delivery box (for food delivery) and tutorials to learn how everything operates. Once that is done, then you can start working and earning some decent cash (hourly rate + tipping).

Overall: requires a vehicle as entry-cost, no risk, needs auto-entrepreneur status.


I sincerely hope that at least one of the things listed in this article has piqued your interest enough to start it. Perhaps you can take things as literal as they are in this article or inspires you to launch something to help you improve yourself.

The best advice I can give you is to just start. You don’t need to wait for things to be perfect or to have enough knowledge, begin now and learn after. I look forward to someone messaging me about something they started!

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