How Moroccan Dating Keeps you Single

Did you know that I am a master at predictions? No really, let me prove it to you. I can confidently guess that you are single (amazing guess right?).

You, me, and millions of others are single. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? Not having to seek permission from someone or keep up with them is liberating, to say the least.

However, once midnight comes around, it’s not so nice anymore. You crave someone to cuddle with and watch the new Game of Thrones season with, while you curse Tiktok for showing you another couples reel.

Although the world is unfair, it’s probably NOT why you’re still single. Whether it’s because of your high standards, your Tinder profile, or your relationship past, today we explore and investigate: Why You Are Single in Morocco.

Where Do Cool Moroccans to Date Hang Out?

Moroccan Dating Spot

If you were to google “why you’re single”, one of the first reasons you would receive, is that you are not going outside or meeting enough people.

Statistically speaking, this is sound advice. As the more people you meet, the higher chance one of them would become a partner.

However, this advice is hardly applicable in Morocco. The most glaring issue is the difficulty of finding places where you can meet other people.

While cafes and bars might sound like a great idea, most people go to these places with their friend groups so they don’t want to be bothered. Unless the other person is giving you signs and hints, awkwardly receiving rejections from strangers is an experience that just dampens the mood of everyone involved.

What Can You Do?

The best way to meet potential partners is through social media. With platforms like Instagram, you can flirt and talk to others in a safe environment at your own pace.

For both sexes, having virtual conversations for days, weeks, and months allows them to form bonds and establish with one another. On top of that, if the feeling is not mutual, then the awkward rejection part is not as difficult to handle online (seriously, rejecting someone in real life as a woman can be life-threatening).

Moroccan Dating Platforms Just Suck

Tinder Morocco Dating

So advising you to use social media to meet new people to date, has probably led you to think about apps like Tinder and Bumble.

While they may seem like a great idea in theory, the reality is often disappointing. This is because dating apps are designed to get you to spend as much as possible.

That’s not to mention that apart from Tinder, other meeting platforms just outright suck. For example, Bumble is not available in Morocco which means you have to use the browser app instead. Similarly, unpopular apps like Coco, Halalme, or Badoo lack enough users to make it worth your while.

In all honesty, I believe that although both sexes live in the same country, the dating app experience is entirely different.

For Guys: What do apps like Tinder and Bumble share with casinos? The house always wins in both of them. As a male on dating apps, your chances of success are heavily skewed (I believe it’s a ratio of 4 men to 1 woman), so developers push you to spend money (Tinder Gold or Bumble Premium) to have you believe your chances will increase.

For Girls: What you gain in the quantity you lose in quality. Although you can match with most people on Tinder, their intentions are mostly sexual and view you as an object of desire rather than a person (People on Tinder are weird, man).

The Current Relationship Dynamic and Expectations

Moroccan Dating Tweet

As all social media platforms fight to make their own version of TikTok, it’s undoubted that you’ve previously stumbled across a video about relationships in one way or another.

Be it something wholesome (and cringe) or cringe (and funny), someone always has to comment on their opinion on the creator’s relationship. Through 15 seconds, the commenter was able to miraculously understand the relationship dynamic and advise accordingly.

These cases happen more often than desired, and it’s a warning sign of an underlying issue in modern relationship expectations.

Concepts like red flags, the ick, or “if they wanted to they would” show that most young daters are always waiting for the other person to initiate kindness, to always take, and to be given attention to.

To defend these concepts, the ick or red flag are things that naturally appeared as a consequence of years of bad relationships and experiences. Consider it as a natural evolution to filter unwanted partners.

However, how strict is too strict? If these ideas become too common then it is more likely to be used in the wrong context, especially when it comes to tasks that revolve around reading minds (i.e expecting what you do not communicate).

Whether you are a walking red flag ick machine or someone who is quick to pass off judgments, not knowing how to approach these labels in moderation is probably why you’re still single.

Unless you enjoy eating eggplants, then you’re definitely a walking ick.

You’re on The Grind and Love Will Only Slow You Down

Moroccan Dating Worl Bateman American Psycho

When I asked my social circle why they were single, I noticed that multiple people said that they were too busy or focused on their careers over finding a partner. They believe that dating can slow them down or distract them.

First off, that’s a very sigma American psycho grindset octallionaire thing of you. Second off, is that true or are you avoiding uncomfortableness through meaningless occupations?

This research study from Henk van Steenbergen shows that individuals who are freshly in love (6 months and below) have way less productivity and focus than their single and long relationships (6 months and above) counterparts.

Furthermore, this piece from Razvan V. Balaban from the university of Romania equally proves that a romantic relationship in a professional environment simultaneously improves an employee’s productivity and motivation to show up to work while negatively affecting other workers.

On the flip side, studies show that a positive ambitious partner can motivate you to surpass your limits and work even harder. This works similarly to an encouraging gym partner, who is there to hold you accountable and motivate you.

It goes without saying that you are the sole factor that determines how relationships affect you.

If you feel that having a partner to celebrate your victories and support you during failures, then have a go at it! At the same time, you are also valid for feeling that spending time and texting a partner tanks your productivity.

Personally, I believe that everyone should fall in love and experience relationships. What matters is who you choose as your partner; will you date someone who wants you to be better? Or will you date a demoralizing slob? The choice is yours.

Psst, if you’re looking for side hustles in Morocco then check this article.

The Barrier to Entry is Too High

Moroccan Dating Standards

Ever since I discovered Bo Burnham’s – Lower Your Expectations comedy song (Yes, the same Bo Burnham who made Welcome to the Internet) back in 2018, I loved talking about high standards and expectations.

Essentially, we shouldn’t search for the perfect flawless person since we ourselves are flawed. The Sisyphean journey of expecting outcomes that we ourselves cannot reach is a recipe for self-loathing.

Nonetheless, standards exist for a reason and that reason is to protect you from negative and harmful partners. For example, one of my own conditions is that I can’t date a smoker.

However, just like the modern Gen-Z/Millenial relationship expectations, we must cross a balance between free entry and Pentagon security levels of standards. 

You Haven’t Moved on Just Yet

You have loved someone in the past and you adored them so much that once it was over, love isn’t the same. No matter how many dates you go on, they never compare to them.

If you’ve recently broken up from a long committed relationship then searching for another partner is probably not on your priority list. Every single emotion of betrayal, hurt, tenderness, and belonging just brews up in your mind whenever you think of relationships.

Settling down is probably not the move right now. I suggest that you take some time to heal yourself and move on before even slightly considering a date. Once there, take things slowly and build your love tolerance again. 

Is Religion Blocking Moroccans from Dating?

It’s not a Lessons and Obsessions blog post if I don’t get controversial once in a while. In any case, when I was first hypothesizing what culturally makes people single in Morocco, religion was the first on my list and it initially made sense.

In a religion that forbids non-marital relationships, a large population that follows that religion is opposed to dating without the intent of marriage. This means that there are fewer people to date which leads to smaller chances to find a partner for you.

However, this is Morocco and religion is a title, not a life guide. Just visit your local forest or public park and you can immediately notice that lots of folks are openly dating.

Good on them for being happy. However, it implies that religion is not a determining factor in celibacy in Morocco. Hence, I suppose that only a small percentage is actually waiting until arranged marriages to date, making them negligible in the bigger picture.

I honestly can’t make up my mind, what do you think?

You’re LGBTQ+ in Morocco

Navigating this topic is difficult for me as I have no experience in the dynamics of LGBTQ+ relationships in Morocco. As such, this section is more of an announcement for someone to tell me about their experiences, as well as a reminder that these people exist and they are equally deserving of love.

While I am straight, I have friends who go against the standard path of love, and along the way they find solace. However, being LGBTQ+ is difficult in both existing and dating.

First and foremost, you suffer from a lack of potential partners since most are in hiding. Second of all, your love can only be expressed indoors and in secrecy.

While I’m not discouraging you, I urge you to be careful and stay hopeful that you will find someone.

If you are LGBTQ+ dating in Morocco, feel free to tell me about your experience! My DMs are open.


Love, relationships, and dating can be tricky to navigate and find. Whether it’s because you have no luck in dating or no one fits your ideal partner, you along with millions of others have struggled with this topic.

I fully admit that the title “Why You’re Single in Morocco” is for SEO purposes and attention, I believe that the arguments mentioned above can be applied to multiple other parts of the world.

As love is universal. No matter what language or region, the joy, and thrill of discovering someone who understands and adores you are as addictive as eating freshly baked cookies.

In short, go flirt online, find hobbies, meet new people, and continue to improve yourself. Along the way, you will find someone to join you.

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